Saturday, 30 April 2016

Love Yourself Workout

Now you may be reading this thinking that it will just be a workout to do whilst listening to Justin Bieber's song 'Love yourself'. Well if you did then you are wrong. The aim of this workout is self love and self appreciation. Many girls don't love themselves even though every girl on this planet known as Earth is gorgeous and beautiful in their own ways. I recommend doing this workout whenever you feel a bit down.

  • Compliment your body 3 times while looking at yourself in the mirror.
  • Say 5 nice things about yourself, this could be your physical points of beauty or your emotions and skills that you are proud to have.
  • Name 3 things to forgive yourself for.
  • List all the things you're good at, this could be that you are a good aim in netball or that your have a good shower singing voice (it's hard to sing in those conditions sometimes!)
  • Name 10 kind things you have done.
  • Name 5 accomplishments you've achieved in life so far.
  • Name 3 areas you have been able to improve on.
  • Name 3 fears that you have overcome.
  • Name the reasons why you are a good friend, if you can't think of any then call up a friend and ask them.
Now 'baby, you should go and love yourself' 

1 comment:

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