Thursday, 8 September 2016

Hairstyle I love pt.2

Once again I have taken to Pinterest to find some interesting bits and bobs. As you will be able to tell by the title of this blog post this post is on hairstyles. To find more hairstyles that I like or just to find inspiration for other things then follow me on Pinterest.

I always adore this girls hair colour and style even though I don't know her name. This blue looks so good on her and I wish I could suit something that bold.

I love this hairstyle because grey hair in this sense looks really cool and the black makes it seem more striking and more natural even though grey hair tends to appear from the roots, not the ends.

I think this hairstyle looks quite cute and elegant but the bright colour makes it look even better.

The 'hun' has to make an appearance on the list because I really like it, even though I can't pull it off because of thin hair. 

I love this hairstyle because the length makes it look adorable, the colour looks really cool and the black roots make it look edgier. Also, the flowers are an awesome touch.

I remember when I was little I used to wear my hair a bit like this. I can imagine wearing this hair on a duvet day and just staying in all day bingeing on Netflix.

Again we have the 'hun'. I really like this length hair with this hairstyle and the highlights in the hair make it look even prettier.

I like this length of hair and I also like the way that it isn't perfectly straight but also doesn't look like it's been touched by heat to make it wavy.

This hair colour looks really cool and this girl definitely pulls it off.

This cable braid reminds me of Rapunzel from Tangled put a shorter, pink version, minus the flowers.

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