Monday, 10 August 2015

My Personal Thoughts On Beauty

Beauty can be interpreted in different ways. Some say it is whether you are pretty or not and some say it is something that makes you happy and is good. Personally I think that beauty through my eyes is also based on what that persons characteristics and personality are. At my school there are pretty girls and good looking lads. But why is it that they are the ones that are seen as popular? In my opinion there are some people that are so shy and will just sit in the corner and be a wallflower and people who are head over heels in love with themselves just don't notice them. But I notice them because i am one of those wallflowers that at parties feels comfort by being stood with one hand on the wall behind them because knowing that that is there and you aren't just going to get lost in the crowd is a comfort. Some of these other wallflowers and less popular people are beautiful. My definition. Yes some of them are pretty and some are not but in my way they are. I am perfectly content sitting in a library just reading books and being lost in a world of my own and seeing someone else taking themselves away from this harsh reality for just a bit of time and transporting into a world where they feel safe and can escape. The look on a persons face when their OTP gets together in a book or and setting is set so magically that you can just imagine yourself stood there next to the narrator is pure beauty. The realisation that you have a place to dream of when the nightmares come after you, your own safe haven is just there. The look of euphoria on their face is beautiful. You don't have to have a bronze tan, false eyelashes and make-up to look beautiful. You can be sat in sweatpants and a hoodie with hair from last night and a bare face and still look beautiful. Make-up is just a mask that hides everyone's 'imperfections' even if those imperfections can only be seen by ones self. It makes you feel confident and like you can stand up for yourself. Your own mask to hide your insecurities. No-one has imperfections and even when you feel like you do, you don't. Everyone is beautiful as they are but only some chose to see it. And only some reveal their true beauty.

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