Thursday, 28 January 2016

Hairstyles I love

Again I have been looking through tumblr and this time instead of clothes I have been looking for hairstyles. Now, most of these hairstyles I wouldn't get myself but they still look amazing.

I love this braid on about everyone. I wish I could do a braid this elegant and casual at the same time, but I can't do anything behind my head to be honest. I wish I could see what I looked like with a hairstyle like this.
I love high messy ponytails and this one is so (in a good way) messy that it makes it a work of art.

I love this cute idea for a hairstyle and tried it on myself but couldn't get the mini buns to be the same size and one was lop-sided.

I adore the trend of grey ombre hair and I also love this choppy short hairstyle and especially because I love wavy hair.

I love messy hairstyles and another hairstyle that I love messy is the fishtail braid. This picture pulls it off so well and the blue colour reminds me of a cool mermaid.

This is the type of hairstyle that I could imagine a princess or a duchess pulling off. It looks so elegant and chic.

As I have said, I adore grey hair and this hairstyle is no exception, but in this picture I love the waves and I am pretty sure that it must have been photo-shopped onto her head by the god's because there is no way in hell (or heaven) that I could curl my hair like that.

I find this trend quite interesting. It is the trend of the pastel rainbow hair. This always reminds me of pastel punks but I find it adorable.

I love this hairstyle because I love wavy/curly hair. I also had to use this picture to express the fact that I love Lily Collins and that her every hairstyle looks absolutely amazing.

I love this picture for many reasons. One reason is that the model is gorgeous. Another reason is that the colour of her hair is to die for. Literally it looks like she killed someone and used their blood to die her hair...In a good way!

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