Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Tumblr Outfits

I have been scouring tumblr for outfit ideas since I saw 'simple enchantment' do pinterest outfits. Here are the outfits that I adore and would wear.

I love the denim jacket in this outfit and the boots are totally something that I would wear. Also the slogan t-shirt is something that everyone should live by.

I like the skirt, socks and cardigan from this outfit but wouldn't wear a crop top with it. Plus I feel sorry for the poor model for having to pose in the snow in a crop top. I love the colours grey, black and burgundy so this outfit to me is a necessity.

I like all of these outfits apart from the far right one as I don't like the boots or jacket. I like the other outfits because the colours are a match made in heaven and the jackets look really nice as well as the skirts.

I like this outfit because I love slouchy jumpers and skater skirts. I also think that the model's hair is amazing.

I like this outfit because the print on the skirt is so simplistic that it looks amazing. I also think that jumpers over shirts look really nice. (Just not when you have to wear them for school)

I love flannel shirts so this outfit drew me to it. I also like the fact that it has such dark colours. I love the lace bralette and the black jeans since they are just a necessary must-have.

I love band tees and indefinitely need more. I like the fact that the outfit is paired with creepers and a flannel over the top.

 I like this outfit because it is mainly black but has the statement 'pop' of the daisy shorts. I love patterned shorts too. Also the sunglasses at the side are gorgeous. I wouldn't wear the crop top and instead would wear a normal black top or a black jumper.

I like his outfit because again it has a flannel shirt but also because I love swing dresses and the shape of this dress is perfect. I like the fact that it is really short but that it doesn't have cap sleeves that make it less flattering for lots of different people.

I like his outfit because of how simplistic and minimalistic it is. Which also reminds me that I need to get a plain whit tee (like the band) and black ripped jeans.

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