Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Tumblr TV Tag

As you know, I adore the weird and wonderful world of tumblr. This tag came up and also on my friend's blog so I thought I would try it out.

Pick 5 Shows you like before reading the questions.
1. Shadowhunters
2. Shameless (US)
3. Supernatural
4. Pretty Little Liars
5. Teen Wolf

Who is your favourite character in 2?
I love all the characters (apart from Mickey's dad) but my fave is probably either Svetlana, Lip or Mickey.

Who is your least favourite character in 1?
It is either Valentine or Maryse Lightwood.

What's your favourite episode of 4?
My fave episode is 'Welcome to the Dollhouse' because it is such a big part of the show and the acting is pretty amazing.

What's your favourite relationship in 3?
Destiel ;) (Not real but so should be) I mean just look at the way Dean looks at Cas!

How long have you watched 1?
It didn't start too long ago but from the start but I also watched the movie and have the books.

How did you become interested in 3?
My friend Isabel introduced me to it and I love it.

Who is your favourite actor in 4?
It is a tie between Troian Bellisario and Vanessa Ray.

Which show do you prefer 1, 4 or 5?
Most likely Shadowhunters because it is so new.

Which show have you seen more episodes of 1 or 3?
Supernatural because it has been running for a lot longer.

If you could be anyone from 4 who would it be?
I would be Wren or Hanna.

How would you kill of any character in 5?
I would kill the desert wolf by turning her coyote ass into a fur coat for Lydia's birthday or by breaking a large branch of mountain ash, wrapping it in wolfsbane and shoving it up her freaking ass. (brownie points if you know what I am talking about.)

Would a 3/4 crossover work?
I'm not too sure although lies are in Supernatural (such as Dean and Castiel's feelings towards each other!)
Pair two characters in 1 that would make an unlikely but strangely okay couple

Overall, which show has a better cast, 3 or 5?
Both have a pretty damn beautiful cast who are amazing actors.

Which has better theme music, 2 or 4?
Shameless because you have to love the title sequence and I mean White Boy Carl tho.

QOTD: What is your favourite TV show?

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