Saturday, 5 March 2016

Mother's Day

It is Mother's Day in the UK tomorrow but since my schedule is set for today I am posting a day before. This is basically a post on my opinions of Mother's day and a tribute to mothers.

I fear that there will soon be a day when mother's day is not celebrated. People take their parents for granted but if it weren't for them then you wouldn't be alive or living a life where you have the means for life. Some people may not have a mother and that's okay but you once did or still do and don't choose to see it. Everyone has their mother figure whether it be  your biological mother, a teacher at school or a woman you have grown to love. Mother's should be celebrated as one day we won't have them. They will not be with us forever to hold our hands and kiss out injuries. But for now we still have them we should never ever take them for granted because all they ever do is for you. They go to work to get money to keep a roof over your head. They call you whilst you're away to make sure that you are safe. They may annoy us at times as they nag for us to do things but in reality we should have done them things. Being asked to tidy our rooms isn't much of a big deal when they have to clean an entire house and clean up after you everywhere else anyway. Your mom/mam/mum/mother looks after you everyday, at least let her have one day for you to show your appreciation towards her. Please make sure that you thank your mum and give her a hug and a kiss and make her a cup of tea whilst you still can.

Here is a poem for mothers.
God made a wonderful mother, a mother who never grows old. He made her smile out of sunshine, and he moulded her heart out of pure gold. In her eyes he placed bright shining stars, in her cheeks, fair roses you see. God made that wonderful mother, and he gave that dear mother to me.

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