Monday, 4 July 2016

Pinterest Fashion Picks

I have previously done this before but on tumblr (here is that post). This time I have decided to use pinterest because I tend to use that more than tumblr now. If you want to follow me on pinterest then here is the link - click here 

    This is another representation of how the female audience will probably dress like. She has dyed hair and denim dungarees with a patterned jumper.:
I really love this sunflower print top and at the moment I am really into black clothes with daisies and sunflowers on.

      Dr. Martens Women's 1460 Originals Eight-Eye Lace-Up Boot Black:
I like this outfit but would probably not wear it. I think that the pinafore dress goes well with the shirt and seems quite flowy in a good way. I think that the shades, hat and docs make the outfit more 'grungey' and not just school-girly.

  soft grunge / Tumblr / We Heart It:
I love these shorts because I have a slight obsession with the moon and astrology in general because it looks so pretty. I also love black jean shorts because they are easy to wear in summer especially.

I love leather jackets, think that knee high boots are hot and love lace hemmed dresses. Overall I love this outfit!
I love oversized denim jackets and although I would probably never wear it, this hat makes the outfit look really cool. Also the Starbucks cup just sets it all off. Olya Matveeva | New York City:
Again I love oversized jackets and I really like the colour of this one. I really like tops with logos on or a graphic print like the one shown. I don't know what the print is but it looks cool.

I really like this jacket as it makes the outfit seem quite classy. I love that it is matched with a black clutch and leather leggings in a way that makes it work and still look classy.

     Vagabond - Dioon - Bottines - Noir LOVE!!!!!!:
I absolutely adore these Vagabond boots. I have seen black Timberland's before and trust me, they are gorgeous. I quite like these boots because they can grunge up an outfit but also look quite elegant.

     Puma by Rihanna Suede Creeper // j'├ętais septique mais finalement elle sont sublime !!:
These puma suedes by Rihanna are absolutely beautiful. I love that they are styled as creepers and the fact that they are a dusty pink blush colour.

     A kimono with a high neck crop top and skinny jeans/leggings:
I like that this outfit brings back the kimono. I love outfits when it is all black but has just one colourful item to make it seem like you aren't 'goth' or 'going through a phase'.

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