Saturday, 20 August 2016

Urban Outfitters Wishlist

I love Urban Outfitters, even though the prices are quite high. I have recently been looking on the website and found these rather nice picks. This is just from clothing but I do still love the homeware, books, and other random things from there.

I really like the v-neck of this dress and that it is hangs more rather than being super bodycon. This costs £29

This dress has a really nice back detail that you will be able to see if you click on the link to see the dress from different angles. This dress costs £39

I really like the pattern of this dress and again with the v-neck. The back of this dress is super pretty and the frills on it make it look girlier than the usual stuff I wear. This costs £46

I love cold shoulder tops and I like the way this top hangs and the sleeves are quite loose. This costs £26

I also really like the top in this colour. Since it is the same top, it also costs £26

I like that this top has a pleated bottom half because it adds a bit more detail rather than just being a grey top. This costs £29

I like this top because it looks very relaxed and I love clothes that I can just sit around in. This costs £32


  1. That first dress is pretty cool! I really like shopping at Urban Outfitters, it has a completely different vibe from all the other stores :)


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