Wednesday, 12 October 2016

The Autumn Tag

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Autumn is probably my favourite season as it is just so cosy and I am forever excited for it. I found this tag on Makeup Savvy and thought it would be a good idea.

What signifies the start of autumn?
Autumn most definitely starts as soon as I see an orange leaf, and you can't tell me otherwise.

What is your favourite fall scent?

I don't really have a fave fall scent, but I do love the smell of cinnamon.

What is your favourite autumn colour?
My favourite autumn colours are burgundy and oranges.

What is your favourite autumn drink?

My favourite autumn drink is a hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows, or maybe hot juice.

What TV Show, new or old, are you looking forward to this autumn?
I am SO looking forward to Supernatural coming out in October (I think). I really hope they do a Halloween special but with all the drama going on in the last season I doubt it.

What is your autumn fashion trend?
My autumn fashion trend is definitely doc martens and big jumpers.

What is your favourite frugal autumn activity?

I love carving pumpkins, and if I had the chance would love to go to a PYO (pick your own) farm.

What is your favourite Autumn make-up look?
Got to be a dark lip and bold brows (AKA Cara Delevigne)

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