Friday, 1 May 2015

A Day Out - Nature Photography

Me and my friend decided to go out on a walk around where I live and take some photos and eat Pringle's while we went. I hadn't been around that area before so it was all new to me as well and I never knew that there actually was some peaceful serenity around my area. Here are some of my snaps from our little adventure.

And here we have an artsy shot of some grass and my shoes.

And so the adventure begins,

I love little daisies and the fact that they just pop up and remind us that spring is here.
In a crowd of evil, never under-estimate beauty and innocence.
The real world version of the Simpson's
And here we find a wild camel in it's natural habitat!
I always dream of looking up and seeing the trees and being 
mesmerised by the sun dazzling through the leaves.

And through the trees to the clearing.

And a nice little close up of a pretty flower.

And another little close up of another pretty flower.

And from a beautiful dream-world into reality.

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