Thursday, 28 May 2015

A day out - Richmond/North Yorkshire

Today I went with my mum, dad and little brother to Richmond, which isn't too far from where I live. I took my trusty camera and though I would show my snaps of the day.

The rapids and a fallen tree.

The forest is so pretty.

The old bridge.


wild flowers.

tiny flowers.
The little drummer boy stone.

The plaque on the little drummer boy's stone. It says "According to legend, this stone marks the spot where  the Richmond drummer boy reached into the tunnel supposed to lead from Richmond market place to Easby abbey. here the sound of his drumming ceased and he was never seen again."

The old wheel from my childhood of coming here.
Easby Abbey
The old ruins

I found this growing between two rocks.

Above the archway.

And through to wonderland.

If you ever find an Archers ice cream parlour get an ice cream because they are amazing.

AFTER. oops!
Now onto Richmond castle, this is a view from one of the arrow holes.

A view to everywhere.

There was also a fair on.

Just realised how creepy this looks .

And lastly, for simple enchantment. I found this awesome little shop across the road from another awesome little shops called the emporium, but the one in the picture is called 'Isabel's' and had such cute things in.

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