Friday, 29 May 2015

A Day Out At Saltburn

I went to Saltburn with my family last Saturday and brought my trusty camera as well. So I thought I would show my results. Also if you don't know where Saltburn is it is near the coast at Redcar in England.

Welcome to Saltburn
These flowers are soo pretty!
Wild garlic is strong, just sayin'
Looking down to see life swimming past.
The Pier
In The Distance
Up Top
Stretching Out
Cliff Edge
Which Way?
Cliff Lifts - My Nana and brother decided to go up on this 
and I had to go up all the steps instead. Thankyou
The sea is beautiful but will give you hypothermia.
Arcades and Pier
Stormy British Day
Posh houses and people got in my shot. 

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