Sunday, 1 November 2015

New York Haul + Mini Haul

So as you know I went to New York last week. Whilst I was there I got lots of time to shop. Here are a few of the things I got whilst I was there.

I got the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette from Sephora. I saw it as I was walking around and I knew that my mum had said that if I saw it then I could buy it, so I did! This cost $54.00

(These photos are NOT mine)
In Sephora I also got these two face masks. They were Sephora's own and cost $6 each. They are cloth face masks and I have been looking for some like these for a while. I tried tried the green tea mask today and my skin felt really nice.

I have never owned a MAC product before and whilst I was in New York a lot of my friends were buying things and one of the lipstick shades a lot of them got was 'brave' which is also the one that I got. It is quite a neutral colour but a bit more on a pink/red tone compared to 'velvet teddy' which has a more brown tone to it. I have used this already and can safely say that I love it and my mum has already tried to steal it (no joke she literally did)

Before I went to New York I said to myself that I wanted to go into Aeropostale and but something. So that I did. I was looking around and I saw these socks. I know it might seem silly that I bought socks but they are honestly soo fluffy! They cost $6 and I also got served by a hot shop worker (Isabel had already been eyeing him up). I have already worn them so much and they also match my PJ's.

As the good student I am, I bought my dance teacher a fridge magnet because that is literally the only thing she asked for. I just found it in a souvenir shop.

I bought myself and my house a snow globe. It is almost Christmas and my mum asked for a Christmas decoration and I really wanted a snow globe so I got the cheapest one .

When I returned from New York I went with my mum to "return a few items" which then ended up in me getting a few more things from town. OOPS!
From Primark I saw this Harrington jacket from the mens section but who cares if it is the mens section or not. It cost £19.00 and I love it.

In New York a few of the girls had those fingerless gloves that have the flap part on to turn them into mittens. You know the ones that I mean. I saw these black ones and so they also went in the basket. They cost £3.00

I also went into Lush because I hadn't been in there in a while and decided to get this bath bomb named "sex bomb" and all I had in my head was the Tom Jones song whilst I was paying for it. It also smells very nice and only cost £3.50 

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