Monday, 14 December 2015

Christmas Decorations

I love Christmas and I especially love decorating the house. This is what my house looks like this Christmas.

This is the finished product.

We have three of these cute little snow-globe baubles.

I decided to tie bows onto the tree because who doesn't love bows?

This angel sits in the top branches of the tree.

This sparkly bird watches over the tree and sits at the top.

These glass icicles are forever getting smashed 
but they are adorable.

These love heart baubles are new and fit perfectly.

This is my snow-globe and I have had it since I was a baby.

This is the big mirror that hangs above the fireplace.

The fireplace is hardly ever lit so we light candles instead.

I have called this reindeer 'Castiel'
This is the Christmas tree that I have 
in my bedroom.

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