Saturday, 30 January 2016

Prom Dresses

In school I am in Year 10 which means next year will be my final year and I will have prom. But already in my year there is talk of who's taking who and who's wearing what and it made me think because I haven' really given too much thought into it. I will probably end up going with a group of my friends as I have never been asked out in my entire life and I'm pretty sure no-one will bother asking me. Then I started thinking about what the hell I am going to wear and so I searched he web for prom dresses that I might actually consider wearing. Here are some of the ones that I found.

I love this dress and I'm thinking towards wearing a navy dress and I love the detailing on the top and the fact that it has straps.

I like that this dress has drapey straps and a slit at the leg because it looks feminine and princessy in a non-fluffy way. If that makes sense.

This dress looks absolutely amazing and I love the lace bodice and the flowy material of the skirt.

I was also thinking about the colour grey for the dress and found this ratger lovely dress whilst searching.

I hardly ever wear colour but when I wear red I get compliments of looking more mature and 'gorgeous'. I also like the slit in the leg part of this dress and the top is a nice design.

My search for prom dresses is just at the start so there isn't many but I still have time. What do you think about my initial ideas?


  1. Absolutely stunning dresses! :) Good luck finding your perfect prom dress!
    Sally x

    1. Thankyou Sally Turner I hope I manage as well! Also can I just say that I love your blog. Macy x


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