Sunday, 31 January 2016

The Couple On The Bike Diary Entry

This is an entry from my diary. My diary is hardly ever wrote in but if something happens that makes me feel passionate or strongly about something then I will write in it. Here is an insight to my diary.


Today I saw a blonde haired boy riding his bike from school. His girlfriend was sat on the handlebars and leaning back into his chest. She tilted her head back and he leaned forward and kissed her. It was almost unusual to see because in a world like ours, romance is usually deemed dead. I saw it not as an act of PDA or one of those popular couples showing off. I didn't know who they were, only that they were about my age. I saw it as an act of romance in a world were romance has been long forgotten and maybe even our children won't know about. I wish that instead of people my age going to their boyfriend's house and doing things that they shouldn't be doing at that age, to instead go on a walk together, cuddle on the sofa and watch TV and not have to be having a date known as 'Netflix and Chill'. At our age and time romance should not be lost.

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