Saturday, 13 February 2016

Popular Trends I Hope Never Come Back

There have been lots of trends that at the time were deemed cool but now in 2016 looked horrendous or stupid. Here are a few trends that I hope never come back

This is the trend that all the boys, including my big cousin followed by my little brother, followed which involved wearing your trousers too low so that you could see their underwear. I mean sure it's fine when you can see the Calvin Klein label on them but not like fully halfway down your legs so it looks like you have a deformity of some shape.

Kylie Jenner lip challenge
If you were born yesterday then you probably will still know the hype known as the Kylie Jenner lip challenge. The aim of his trend was to use a shot glass or a bottle and suck on it so that it created a vacuum that stuck to your lips. This was then meant to give you big fuller lips like Kylie Jenner but then mostly led to kids with bruised lips and swollen mouths.

Thigh Gap
Thigh gaps are such a craze that I wouldn't be surprised if someone took a carving knife to their leg to try and achieve this 'perfect' shape. In all honesty it kind of makes me sick that people would want to alter themselves so much even though every single person on this godforsaken earth is perfect and beautiful in their own ways. Why someone would want a gap between their thighs is clueless I mean what are you going to do hold you're drink while you paint you're nails.

Riding Bikes Too Small For You
I say this one as a kind of inside joke between me and my best friend , Belle I see you. Basically the story is that we were out and we saw a boy about our age and he was on a bike that looked way too small for him and we just couldn't stop laughing. It looked like he had walked past a little kid and stolen his bike. Everyone, everywhere, please don't do it.

Extreme Selfies
These selfies are the ones you see that someone takes whilst at he edge of a cliff or the top of a tall tower. Like seriously just take a normal one and use a filter instead of risking your life.

Extreme Planking
This one goes out to my cousin Jamie. He took it upon himself to try to plank in 'dangerous' places. We were all staying in a hotel in Scotland for a family reunion and the only places he could find were the top of the stairs, on top of the bin and in the shower. Although he didn't realise that there was a glass screen covering the shower and he walked straight into it.

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