Monday, 15 February 2016

How To Style Leggings

Leggings are a key staple in every girls wardrobe. This is my guide for what to do/not do and how to wear them.

What NOT To Do
Don't wear metallic colours like gold, silver or bronze
Don't mistake tights for leggings because you'll be able to see your skin through them.
Try to stay away from the white leggings because if your wearing bright coloured underwear chances are you'll see them

What To Do
Stick to colours like black, grey, burgundy.
Make sure you don't have panty lines because they aren't attractive.
Remember that most shoes can go well with leggings if worn correctly.
Pair patterned leggings with a plain top.jumper

How To Wear Them
Wear skirts/dresses over them
Wear a sweater
Wear a long-line top or shirt
Wear a tunic over them
Wear a band tee and a Borg denim jacket over the top.
Wear with cute flat ballet shoes or boots
Simply wear them like trousers/pants.

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