Monday, 15 February 2016

The Firework Incident

I decided for a little story time. This story is my story of why I was terrified of fireworks for about 9 years.

When I was about 6 me and my family went to Albufeira in the Algarve for New Year. It was New Year's Eve and we were all at the beach waiting for the firework display and we were listening to the live music play at the big main stage.  The firework display started and at first it was amazing and we got pictures of me, my little brother and cousins faces as we watched the fireworks and we all looked amazed. But then the story took a turn in events. The packaging from one of the fireworks came hurtling down towards us and hit me in the head. It was about the size of half a coconut shell and was burning hot. I remember crying my eyes out the entire night because it actually hurt and I was still in shock. Ever since then I had always been scared to go to firework displays and I remember going to the Stockton firework display and my big cousin Harvey building a 'bomb shelter' out of blankets so that the fireworks couldn't hurt me. I was fine watching them from indoors but I hate the noise as well but that was probably because I hate loud noises. It was only last year in Italy that the whole family decided to go down to the beach and watch the massive firework display. Beforehand I sat down and they reassured me that they were out at sea and that if anything came towards me , they would stop it. And so the firework display started and the more I started to enjoy it. The colours, the delayed noises and the looks of awe on peoples faces. Afterwards I realised that I had overcame my fear and was much less scared. I suppose it just shows that you have to face your fears as long as they are reasonable. Now I usually still stay in but I sit with one leg in the window and one out of my brother's bedroom window and watch and take photos of the fireworks. Which I suppose is quite dangerous because his room is on the second floor but we have an extension so I rest my foot on that.

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