Saturday, 19 March 2016

ASOS Wishlist

I absolutely adore the online store ASOS. I have the app on my phone so that I can just browse whenever. I always have a variety of things that I love. These are the things that I really like this time round.

I love these velvet shorts with a lace hem. I feel like I would wear them to a party or on a night out because they look more dressy-uppy if you know what I mean. These are originally £22.00 but are reduced to £13.00.

I love this big belt and I think I would wear it with a dress or skirt as it seems like that type of belt that makes a good accessory.  I love the buckle at the front because I think it gives it that bit more decoration to make i into a good accessory. This was originally £20.00 but is reduced to £6.00.

This floral playsuit looks really cute and you can't see it on this picture but it has a cut-out in the back that makes the playsuit look adorably cute. I like this playsuit because it looks like a dress as well as a playsuit and that fits my liking very well. This was originally £40.00 but is reduced to £22.00.

I love simple t-shirts with a simple slogan because I'm simplistic like that. I like this tee because it really just represents me. Ta-da! This costs £18.00.

I love bandeau jumpsuits and I also adore monochrome so I love this. I love the top of the jumpsuit's shape and that it cinches in on the waist. I like that it has cigarette trouser legs so that not everything is being pulled in. This was originally £25.00 but is reduced to £17.50

I adore combat boots and I also most definitely have a thing for Timberland boots. I love that these ones are black because I would literally wear them with everything. These are very pricey and cost £160.00

I love this black maxi dress because of the statement design at the top. I most likely wouldn't wear this around where I live but I would wear it on holidays. This costs £39.00

I love this jumper because when I think of war paint I just think of girls with bandannas and lipstick drawn across their cheeks and wearing camo clothes. Basically just badass girls. I also like the fact that it is black and white (typical me!) This jumper costs £25.00

You may or not know this but I am quite a nerd/geek (I don't know which one is politically correct). I love writing and I absolutely adore books. I saw this book on the website and fell in love with the idea. It basically has lots of little things that you can write about such as "interview yourself for 5 minutes". This book costs £11.99

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