Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Places I want to Travel to

I have an endless list of places that I want to travel to in my lifetime. Here are a few of them.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ever since I watched The Fault In Our Stars I have wanted to go to Amsterdam, but orange tulips, drink champagne, and sail in one of those boats. My older cousin also went when he went inter-railing and he said it was amazing. One of my friends called Lucy has just recently been for her birthday and she said that she loved it and that we should go together sometime as I would love it.


One of the main reasons that I want to go to Iceland is because I have always wanted to see the Northern Lights and Iceland is a great spot to see them. Also I mean how beautiful is it?!


Thailand is one of those places that looks like an explorer would be there discovering something new. It looks like an amazing places to see a new culture and to get away from your old life which at a lot of times I need.

Santorini, Greece

Santorini looks absolutely gorgeous plus I absolutely adore Greece  and go there quite a lot as a yearly holiday with my family.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is one of those places where it is a bit random of why I want to go.  The main reason is because of how beautiful it looks. I mean does that picture not prove it.

Lake Como, Italy

When I went to Italy last year I went by plane whilst my cousins went on a road trip there and stayed at Lake Como and it looks beautiful. I would love to go on the road trip that they went on because my cousin took photos and they looked amazing.

Brooklyn, New York City

I have recently been to New York with my school but we mainly stayed in Manhattan so we didn't get to venture into the beautifully hipster place that is Brooklyn. We almost did get to go but plans were changed and we couldn't. Is it too much to ask to go to a cool coffee shop and walk around like 'Lonely Boy'. (GG points if you know who I'm on about.)


  1. I would love to visit Iceland & I will one day. I always hear such fantastic things about it. :]

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    1. Me too, me and one of my friends said that one day we would go together and take coll pictures of the northern lights.

  2. New York and Santorini is definitely on my list!