Saturday, 12 March 2016

Blogs I Have Been Loving

Sometimes we all need a bit of inspiration of who to follow and sometimes we just want new ideas to refresh our feeds. These are a few of my favourite blogs at the moment.

I adore the layout of this blog and it's content is more than well thought of. I often turn to this blog when I am struggling with what to post as her posts are inspirational and she has plenty of good ideas.

To say that I love this blog may be a bit of an understatement. I adore this blog and think it is perfect in every way. All of the photography is gorgeous and I love her writing too. Here there is beauty, lifestyle + we get to see cute pictures of her adorable dog Oscar.

This blog always intrigues me with the posts as they all have a topic that I want to read about whether it be make-up or tutorials on how to do things such as how to master a matte lip look. 

The Sunday Girl always has a variety of things to read up on and can show a lot of things in one post which I find rather pleasing than having to look at loads of the same posts with varying colour.

This blog is set out very aesthetically pleasing as it's minimalistic outlook covers the posts under which it hides. All the posts are of good quality and I love her idea of having a calendar that you hover over the dates to see the posts and click on which ever catches your fancy.

I love Emily Rose dearly and watch her youtube videos frequently. I always love her content and her little photography is really nice too. 

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