Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Skin Types

I always have trouble trying to tell what skin type I have as I normally can't just find a list of 'symptoms'. I have managed to find these tell tales that might be able to help you with identifying your skin type.

Dry Skin
Feels uncomfortable and desperate for moisturiser after cleansing or showering
Feels dry at the end of the day after proper moisturising in the morning
Makes your make-up patchy
Feels sore in cold weather but is aggravated by central heating
Shows fine lines earlier than most people than most in age group
Prone to dullness and flakiness
Feels dry when you wake up each morning 
Small pores

Sometimes feels hot and itchy after cleansing
Flares up easily after using a new skincare
Is more irritated
Can be oily, combination, dry, dehydrated
Can come and go
Is prone to hot, itchy red blotches that get worse if touched
Sometimes angry-looking after a shower
Burns fast in the sun

Pores are larger around the T-zone
Cheeks are generally normal
The T-zone is more oily 
Make-up becomes patchy during the day

Pores are large and visible
Prone to spots and/or acne
Ages more slowly 
Comfortable when leaving the shower after cleansing (doesn't crave moisturiser)

Neither oily nor dry
Comfortable, smooth
Small pores

Prone to dullness
Fine lines
Pinker/brighter/plumper and healthy looking immediately after showering
Responds positively to steam rooms
Feels desperate for product after showering
Sometimes flakes and peels when make-up is applied
Dry feeling lips

I hoped this has helped you identify your skin type or has prompted you towards a different combination. 


  1. Great advice, thanks! I have always been wondering which one mine is, although even with these examples it seems to be combination of couple of them :D

    1. I'm glad it helped. I'm pretty sure mines a bit of a combination of a few as well x

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