Saturday, 16 April 2016

Canteen and Cocktails Review

For my birthday a few weeks ago I decided to go to Canteen and Cocktails for my birthday meal. I had been there before so I already knew that I loved it. I went to the Canteen and Cocktails in Norton, but there is also one in Newcastle.

I love the theme of the place. The bar (and the rest of the place) is quite retro and the stools lined up at the bar fit the theme too. One of the things that I love about the decor of the place is the lights. They have lots of industrial lights that really set the theme and I would love to have at my house. The doors have a quirky hand print on them instead of a handle or doorknob which I thought was quite cool. There is an upstairs that I tend to go to that has booths and is a little bit quieter earlier on in the night. The upstairs also has a dj booth and a separate bar.

The food here is bloody amazing. I always get nachos for a starter and they are massive. I normally get 1 between 4 of us. The nachos taste so good and the pulled pork ones taste even better than the original ones. I got a cheeseburger for my main and some house fries. Be warned if you only want a small meal or have a small appetite then this might not be the best things to have because the portion is massive but so delicious.

Overall I would say that Canteen and Cocktails is my favourite restaurant at the moment. I give the atmosphere a 5/5 and the food also a 5/5.

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