Tuesday, 12 April 2016

My MAC Make-Over Experience

For my birthday I was given £30 to spend in MAC as well as a make-over. This make-over was scheduled for Thursday 7th April when I was going shopping with the girls in my family. There is a MAC shop in House Of Fraser at the Metrocentre in Newcastle so we went there. I really enjoyed the experience but at first I was really nervous in case they did something I didn't like because there would be no way that I would say I didn't like it. I was so nervous that I even brought a bag with my usual make-up in and make-up wipes just in case. When I got there I was asked to sit in one of the chairs in-front of one of those really cool mirrors with awesome lighting. I had to take my original make-up off and then we decided on what the make-up artist, Aimee, was going to do to my face. I got make-up matched to my skin-tone (vampire pale) and then the make-over went under way. To be honest I had nothing to be worried about because I thoroughly enjoyed it. I don't usually get the chance for someone else to do my make-up properly so it was a big change. It then got to the part that I was most worried about, EYEBROWS! I was really worried that I'd end up having sharpie brows. I naturally have pretty well shaped and full eyebrows and so was pretty nervous when she whipped out an eyebrow pencil. After all the worrying my eyebrows actually looked pretty good as she only touched them up a tiny bit.
Overall the entire experience was very pleasant and urged me to buy my first ever foundation (yes I am a beauty blogger who has never used foundation before). I also bought a lipstick that will be in a blog post in the future, as will the foundation. If any of you are thinking about getting this experience then don't listen to the people who say that all MAC workers are horrible because they aren't. Actually most are super nice and helpful.
This is what my full make-up look looked like. 

This is from my snapchat but it shows the eye make-up more clearly and as the caption does say I love it.


  1. Really nice make over :) and happy birthday!!

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