Tuesday, 5 April 2016

What I Got For My 15th Birthday

It was my 15th birthday yesterday so I have decided to show you what I received. I am not trying to show off in any way but this is just a way to show how grateful I am for everything that I got.

I opened this and thought it was absolutely adorable and quite a coincidence. It is a little flower press. I think it is quite a coincidence because the other day I was saying to my friends that I want to start pressing flowers again and then I opened this the next day!
I always tend to ask for and receive a lot of books. I had asked for this one because for a start I love Connor Franta and because one of my friends already had this book and said it as so aesthetically pleasing and written really well. I have only read a little bit of it but I can conform this.

I got this off one of my friends and I think it is so adorable and I love the print. I haven't decided what I will use it for yet but I will most definitely fill it with something.
I originally saw this book in one of Ingrid Nilsen's monthly favourites and she read out an extract and I fell in love with how it was written. It is a compilation of essays, so is not a story, and is also about feminism. 

My cousin bought me this benefit make-up book and I have had a quick flick through it and I love some of the make-up looks so I might try them on myself.

She also got me this cute necklace that will be added to my collection of necklaces and I can put together some outfits with it.

My auntie Pam bought me this and I love the patterns and I will use it to plan out my blog posts.

My little brother bought me the new pointless blog book, I have flicked through a few pages of this too and it looks really good and is very different to the other books that he has published.

I got a skinnydip glitter phone case off my parents because I had been talking about it for a while and didn't want to buy it myself because it is quite a bit of money for a phone case. I got the wooden phone case off my friend Jade and I really like the print.

I have been asking for this book for about 3 years. Each time I didn't get it but now I finally have it!

I got a MAC make-over experience and £30 to spend in MAC off my auntie, uncle and cousins.

I got this leather backpack off my grandma and grandad and I absolutely love it. I have been asking for one for quite a while but the ones I had seen where too small but this one is perfect and quite big.


  1. Hi Macy, just letting you know that I have nominated you for a Liebster award!

  2. These are really cute gifts.