Saturday, 14 May 2016

Coping Under Stress

At my School I am currently in Year 10 (ages 14-15). I am doing core science and so this year I have 3 GCSE's. That is THREE GCSE'S! I have a biology, chemistry, and physics test. The test dates are between the 17th May - 25th May. So recently I have been revising like crazy and trying to cram as much information into my brain as I can. Thing is though, I have an awful short term memory. I can remember things from when I was three years old but not what I had for dinner last week.

The main things I wanted to talk about in this chatty/ranting post is the amount of stress so many people are now under. I know that at my school so many people are losing their minds because they are stressing out so much. I have already ad a French Speaking test that counts up to my GCSE and I witnessed about 5 people have a breakdown. Two were crying, two were sat on the floor reciting their speeches back to themselves whilst rocking backwards and forwards. One of my friends was sat, on a chair, with her eyes closed, fingers in her ears and reciting her speech to herself that we could only register as mumbles!
Back on track with the science exams.
I feel like whilst we are told to revise like crazy but 'take breaks' we quite literally can't. We literally have too much to do. We have to revise, do homework, eat, see family, be social and it is all in the space of the hours we can keep our eyes open for. I saw a post on instagram that I think one of my friends sent me and it was a diagram of all the things we do including seeing friends, doing homework etc, but then it said
' School : choose 2' 

It was a bit like this one.

You had to try and choose two out of about 15. And in a way it kind of is like that because there is not enough hours in a day to everything that you want or even need to do. To top it all of the amount of stress becomes even heavier because you are told off if you aren't revising or if you forget something that you have been told in another lesson, for example geography, you forget about everything else and try to block out everything else so that you an try and remember a lot of stuff even though you will probably only need a bit of it later on in life. To top everything else off we all have our hobbies, the things we enjoy. I have a blog, write stories, listen to a lot of music, and obsess over Jack Maynard, but my days have been cut shorter because of the amount of work I need to do. I no longer have enough time to do things that actually make me happy.
Usually I feel like the school holidays come quite early every time, but this time it feels like we are just slowly creeping towards the holidays and I cannot wait until then so that I can relax, but then I remember that I still have to revise for other subjects because we have end of year tests. So I will have to bring my school stuff with me to London and I will have to do revision whilst on the train there and back. Once again school takes over my life and everyone else's.
 Thank you school I hope you are happy. 

Sorry for the total rant but I just thought I would say what I and quite a lot of other people from my school think.


  1. Strength for your revision and exams. I know it seems tough now, but they will soon be over. Although, the stress of life will always be there, but you will learn to handle it :)


    1. Thankyou Lii, you never cease to make me smile x

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