Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Urban Outfitters Home Wishlist

One of my favourite places to have a look at home-ware things in is Urban Outfitters. I always have a list of things that I would like. Here is just a few of the things.

I love these little hanging bottles. They look so cute with flowers in. This is £20

This mirror is so nice. I love minimalistic things and this mirror would love perfect in my dream house. This costs £45

This chalkboard arrow is so cute. I could imagine them hanging around my house and pointing to different places like 'garden' or 'party this way'. This costs £8

This magazine rack is something that I definitely need. I have so many magazines laying around in my bedroom, but I have nowhere to put them all. This is really expensive and costs £80

I thought this was so cute when I first saw it. I really want to try and have some plants in my room but all I have at the moment is some dead lavender in a small vase. This costs £29

Going off on a bit of a tangent now. These are some books that I saw on the website that I thought looked really cool.

This book looks really good and I love travelling and want to see so many places and this book would be a great handguide and a little prompt to get myself out there. This book is by lonelyplanet, which I love, and costs £19.99

Another travelling book. This one is just about Europe and since I live in the UK I thought this one would be useful as it will have places that I can actually get to. This one costs £24.99

I tend to have some weird dreams. I can easily remember my dreams in vivid detail and sometimes I'm not sure whether it is a gift or a nightmare. I can still remember nightmares I had when I was five! This book costs £12

I thought this book was really cute and looked really cool. I would love to get it.  It costs £9.99

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