Saturday, 9 July 2016

Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar Blush First Impressions

This is the amazing Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar Blush Palette. I mean seriously how amazingly pretty is this! I have been wanting this for so long and when I went on a shopping trip with my friends the other week, I saw this whilst in Superdrug but I had already spent all my money. I later went shopping with my mum and saw it again. This time I was prepared and had all £6. That's right. This was only £6. For all 8 shades!

I love the packaging for the product. I like that it looks so sleek, the rose gold lettering makes it seem more professional and interesting.

The back of the box has a preview of the shades inside. In my opinion the pictures don't do the shades any justice because you can't see their dazzling shine or pigmentation.

The palette itself sticks to the sleek minimalistic vibe and also has metallic lettering.

First Row
The shades don't have names which is a bit sad. So instead whilst I talk about them, I will give them names to refer to them. I pronounce this one to be 'stardust'
. This highlight is gorgeous and is super pigmented and reflects really well in the light.

I call this one 'Peppa' after Peppa Pig. Peppa is quite a light pink and is the most pink toned out of all the blushers. This also has a lovely shimmer.

This one I call 'rose moon'. Rose moon is a bit more purple toned than Peppa and again has high quality pigmentation and  a gorgeous shimmer.

This one I call 'golden sand'. Golden Sand is very reflective and would look great with a tan to make you seem like a golden goddess (not that this would even happen to me because I would look like a tomato).

The shades I have shown are quite subtle but have an amazing shine to them. In order from left to right: Moonshine, Peppa, Rose Moon, Golden Sand

Second Row

This one I call 'Jupiter'. Jupiter is more of a nudey brown colour and is more subtle than the other brown shades.

This one I call 'jazz'. I adore this one. The sparkle from this one is enough to burn your eyes out, in a good way (if that is possible). This is the most purple toned shade and as you might be able to tell by my slight exaggeration, it is so beautifully shiny.

This one I call 'carrat'. Carrat is quite a golden brown, almost like Golden Sand but more brown toned. 

This one I call 'Matty Healy'. Matty is the only matte shade in the palette and is a brown shade that is useful for contouring.

These shades are the darker shades. In order from left to right: Jupiter, Jazz, Carrat, Matty Healy.


  1. I've heard so much about this palette, and I have to say, the shades are utterly gorgeous!

    Mind checking out my latest - I'm styling up a gorgeous LYDC bag!

    Alice x

  2. Hiya, I've nominated you for the Liebster award because i've been loving your blog lately. You can check out the post here:
    :) xx

  3. Wow this palette is beautiful , I'm literally buying it as I type this comment .


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