Friday, 11 November 2016

ASOS Wishlist

Once again I found quite a bit of stuff that I adore from ASOS. Here's what I found:

I really want just a minimalistic watch and this one is perfect. I originally just wanted a black one but I love the marble print on this one. This costs £30.00

I love boots and have always wanted some nice Chelsea boots and I think these are gorgeous. These cost £38.00

I love the colour black and so that ticks one preference off the checklist. I also like the colour blue but hardly ever wear it and so I think this is a good way to put a little bit of colour into an outfit. This costs £25.00

I love pyjamas and even live at them sometimes on weekends. I could happily wear these pjs all day long because they're so pretty. These cost £30.00

Autumn is here and so 'BRING OUT THE COATS!'. this coat is gorgeous and I adore the colour and style of it. This costs £75.00

I don't really have a handbag as such and usually just use my black leather backpack but this bag seems so pretty. I really like the pattern on it and the fact that the background is black is perfect because it will go with my outfits. This costs £20.00

I love jewellery and I tend to wear long necklaces but I do love chokers. I like that this is quite loose and I also love geometric shapes and so the simple circle is perfect. This costs £18.00

I don't really wear heels but these are so gorgeous! I love the straps, studs, heel... basically all of it. These cost £50.00

I like layering items in my outfits and I feel like this dress would be nice with a black jacket or a nice cardigan over the top and lots of accessories. This costs £15.00

I saw this and thought it was quite awesome. I love photos and photography but never really have anywhere to put them. I think that this is a great way to display photos. This costs £11.00

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