Sunday, 1 January 2017

2017 Goals

Fortunately for almost all, 2016 has come to an end. It doesn't really seem like much time has passed since last New Years even though so many things have happened. 2017 will hopefully be a good year, here are the ways that I will try to make it better for me:

Travel More
By travelling, I don't even mean leave the country! I have family all over the country; Scotland, Manchester, London and I would love to go there more often. I would also like to visit new places in the UK like Brighton, Edinburgh, Isle of Skye, etc. I already know that this month, before I even go back to school I will be going to Liverpool and Manchester so it seems like we are off to a good start.

Care Less, Say yes

I always so no to things, hate being under stress and don't like things unless they are planned in advance. I said no to quite a few things last year and my aim is to say yes to things and not care about the potential 'consequences' as much. This way I might be able to cross some of the things off my bucketlist when the opportunity is presented to me.

Be More Organised
I already like to think that I am quite organised but every year my aim is to remain organised and make everything a bit neater whether it be in my school work, bedroom, or just keeping my makeup brushes clean and organised.

Document Memories
I love documenting memories. Whether it be in a journal, scrapbook, or in photographs. I aim to document more memories because life can change at any moment and then you might regret not documenting the good parts. I am not very good at keeping a journal but I will try to as the one I have now you only need to write a sentence down every day. I also have a scrapbook for places I have been and so I aim to fill a bit more of that up.

Read More
I already read a lot and it actually baffles me as to why hardly any of my friends read, I mean yes I know that time seems to be short in a day but I always try to find a space to read. Whether it be whilst in a bubblebath, before bed, or (where I get most reading done) on holiday on a sunlounger. I have so many books on my bookshelves that it is almost overflowing and I still haven't read so many of them.


  1. Great goals, I hope you all the courage and motivation with them! I also plan to read a lot. It was my goal last year and I nearly read as many books as I set out to read. This year I am planning to read even more :)

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