Friday, 29 January 2016

Beauty Icons

Zadie Smith
I admire Zadie Smith as a beauty icon because her skin is flawless and she is usually make-up-less. Her hair always seems scraped back or wrapped in a scarf as though she can barely be doing with it. She usually tends to wear thick-rimmed spectacles. I could almost say that she is perfect looking but saying that is like saying that 'bdqku' is a word because there really is no such thing. I also admire her minimalistic style that is also represented in the way she acts and looks.

Coco Chanel
I love Coco Chanel because she was an awesome and inspiring person. She shows that being beautiful is really not about being pretty. It is also about being elegant, stylish, strong, groomed and smart. She was stunning and obsessed with making other women feel exquisite and feel comfortable throughout all times. As a beauty innovator, she is peerless.

Melanie Martinez 
Melanie Martinez is a beauty icon to me because of her very unique style. She tends to dress herself like a doll as many of her songs are based on dolls. She tends to have bright lips and hair but a pale face with emphasised freckles. Her look also entails quirky and cool clothing that you wouldn't really expect from a beauty icon, but that is one of the reasons why she is one of my beauty icons.

Audrey Hepburn
Audrey Hepburn is sensational and well known for being absolutely stunning.  From her great thick brows to her perfect jawline she is what the definition of 'perfect' describes. Her elegant poise and hairstyles are recreated all the time by people like Lily Collins who so effortlessly pull the style off. Audrey Hepburn is so clearly a goddess.

Lauren Bacall
Hollywood icon Lauren Bacall is proof that with good bones you can never not look fabulous. Her amazing mature face, no less beautiful than her young one, looks so well lived that it could make skeletons regret the life they lived. Her kind of visibly Jewish face is ethnic, clever, wise, stylish and elegant. I love the fact that even in her eighties she wore her lipstick dark and her hair long even though it was accepted that elders should cut their hair short. Her brows are also pretty amazing, especially when they are arched at chat-show hosts who dared attempt to outwit her. She is just to fabulous.

Lana del Rey
Lana del Rey is a beauty icon for me for many different reasons. One of those reasons being that she in herself is beautiful. The way that she acts and is is beautiful. Another thing that makes her beautiful is that she can have different sides, not like bipolar sides but as in she can be a hot rocker chick for one time you see her but then the next she is a bared-faced beautiful indie lady. I also see her as an icon because of her love for everyone who supports her and even if they don't she still loves them because they are part of who makes her.


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