Saturday, 6 February 2016

Depression Diary Entry

Here is another insight into my diary. This time it is about how depression is hardly ever mentioned as a main topic in important conversations.


Today at school was a drop down day. We learnt about Weapons, Completing a CV, First Aid, Sex Education and about refugees. These things are important but there is one subject that we still haven't touched on,
Depression and Suicide.
We are taught about drugs and alcohol and that they are bad for us. Depression is bad for you too. It turns your thoughts into pleas for help, and your dreams into nightmares. We are taught about out careers and how we should plan for the future but what is the point if we kill ourselves before we can have a future. People are unaware of things like depression and suicidal tendencies. We should make it more known so that people with it can feel like others finally understand a bit more of what they go through. What is the point of learning about out futures if we don't intend to live that long?

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