Wednesday, 2 March 2016

I Got A Story Published!

One thing on my never-ending bucketlist is to get a story published. Well my wish came true!

Last Year at my school we were put into a competition where we had to write our twist on a fairytale under 100 words. The winners were told that their story would be put into a book along with the other winners. I ended up winning and got my story put in this rather pretty book along with the other winners. There was a lot of winners from my school and a lot of other schools and all of the stories that I have read so far are amazing!

This is my winning story.
Lunar Cape Of Death

So now I know the true story. My twin sister wears a cape of death instead of red like me. She wants me dead to take my 'supernatural' power. She is the wolf that stalks me every day. A werewolf. Now I shall only feel pain. To take my power I must die a horrific and excruciating death. She has a week. The last lunar harvest. The only time she has, and if she doesn't kill me. I must kill my twin? She can because she's possessed. Forced into it. Now Luna must fall.

If you can't tell, this story is based off little red riding hood and was just one of the ideas that popped into my head when we were told the task. If you were asked to do this task which fairytale would you base it on?